Male Pheromones Attracting Women

Attracting a woman with male pheromones becomes second nature when you are used to wearing them. Male pheromones have given me the confidence to easily pick up women and it has totally changed my life for the better. If I only had the knowledge of this stuff when I was in my 20’s, then I am sure that my life would have been totally different for me.

The alluring scent that women find most attracting on me, when I wear male pheromones is quite intriguing in itself. I have used pheromones such as Primal instinct, Pheromax, and the scent of Eros. Time and time again, women have recognized me by my scent and have approached me as if it were done unconsciously.

How does a bird know where it is flying to? It’s just instinct, right? But, with pheromones to optimize the effects of your body and scent, it can be quite extraordinary for women to become more attracted to you, because of this.

I can’t even begin to tell you how optimized my experiences have been when I wore pheromones and just met women I didn’t even know. At first, I couldn’t believe that it was really happening because most women just shied away from before. Not because I am ugly or anything, but this was my usual circumstance.

As the time went on and as I started using pheromones to increase my chances of attraction, all I could say was wow! I just couldn’t believe how relaxed and calm it made women around me feel.

Like if they were totally comfortable and interested in me. I mean, the fact that women were around me while I wore male pheromones, actually made them feel great and intrigued to find out more about me.

The more and more I think about it, I only wish I knew about this several years back. Life would have been much different then, let me tell you. I have increased my levels of satisfaction in my life and allowed women to be more comfortable and most attentive to me. Just how I like it.

Male Pheromones

Male pheromones are the alluring scents that captivate women everywhere. They are found on the sweat glands and the body of men. If you are a man and have ever wondered what it takes to really attract a woman to you, then the advantage of male pheromones can really come into play, to assist you with this.

The scent of attraction definitely entices women to approach you closer. Some of the best places to use pheromones are in a night club, a date or a social event. Just put enough on your body so that it doesn’t overwhelm the senses out for the night.

Some of my favorite places that I have used pheromones were at a night club, because you know that it’s always packed and crowded at those locations. I have had many interesting hits with women there. I directly noticed an increase in eye contact, flirting and overall intimacy. More so when I wear male pheromones on my body.

The chemistry between two people often resonate from a single scent of attraction that takes place within our own bodies. This is why couples often become closer due to the chemistry that they share together.

I like to use Max Attraction pheromone cologne when I go out. It gives me a better feeling of confidence and significant attraction among other women out there.

In the dating scene, you often see increased competition among other males. Having a scent that actually benefits you among other women can be quite intriguing to comprehend and experience.

Perhaps, one of the most intriguing aspects of wearing male pheromones, to induce attraction in women, is the fact that it works exceptionally well. If I would have known this in my early twenties I would have had better memories than I can previously recall, that’s for sure.

Knowing this, has definitely given me a better understanding and confidence on how I approach women and the results that I get from wearing pheromones. I sure won’t make the mistake of walking out of the house without any pheromones on my body. Who knows? This could give you a new way to enhance your attraction, when it comes to women in the future.

If you’re a normal human being then you give off pheromones, just like everyone else. But just as we are not alike, male pheromone are not the same in every man. Some guys have stronger pheromones then others, which explains why that guy always ends up with the hot girl even if he’s not that attractive.

These natural scents made by our bodies is what draws women nearer to you, they somehow are compelled to be near you and in a subliminal way she feels she wants you. No magic tricks, no pick-up lines, it’s all science, human chemistry.

The pheromones for men we know now are the ones that have been scientifically copied and are sold in oils and colognes. It acts as an attracting agent for men and have been proved to be safe, affordable and most of all effective.

You’ve seen women attracted to bad boys while others are into the silent type. You see, it has nothing to do with how you are but the chemistry behind the attraction, the pheromones you release that attracts her. It releases the bad boy or silent guy she sees in you and excites her on a deeper level.

Male pheromone is the easy and effective way to get her interested in you. Aside from naturally having her come to you, you also get a boost in self confidence. You know she’s into you, no matter what you say. Other guys will be jealous of you and will never know that it’s all thanks to nature and science.

Male Pheromone Perfume That Works

Pheromone perfumes have become widely popular in the recent past. This perfume is used mainly by the people who are single and also by couples who want to spice up their romantic life. This perfume is in great demand as of now and it has proven to be very much useful since its existence. This perfume is quite costly in the market because it has been proved as an efficient way to attract the opposite sex. Thus, its cost is also relatively high. So, people have been trying for several ways for preparing this sort of a perfume right from home so that they can reduce the cost. And believe me, it is simple to prepare this perfume and it does not involve much of a complex work. In this article, we will discuss briefly as to how we have to go about in preparing a pheromones for men of this type.

The first thing to do is to buy a bottle of unscented pheromones from the local store. Since you are a male, you need to purchase pheromones for men that are guaranteed to help you to attract the female. As always, you need to use only what you wish to happen. If you decide to use a male pheromone, then you will face no success in attracting a female. So, make sure you buy the right pheromones.

The next thing to do is to purchase a bottle of cologne or perfume which gives out a nice odor. We wish our perfume to emit some nice smell. So we buy this so that we can mix it with the pheromones for men in the future. In the case of men, sandalwood is perfect to attract females. It is very important that you like the scent before you purchase it.

Now, pour the perfume into a spray bottle. Now, pour 2 drops of pheromone for every 2 oz of the perfume. Do not spray more than it is needed. These types of pheromone perfumes work best when we spray a drop or two in our clothing or skin.

Store the pheromone perfume in a nice dry place. Make sure that place is relatively cool. Shake them well once a day so that the pheromones settle nicely with the perfume. This homemade perfume works best as far as people have reported. Apply them in selected areas like your knees or hands or collar and so on. The effect of the pheromone perfume may last up to 6 to 9 hours. So make sure that you apply them in places where they tend to attract women.

The important thing to keep in mind is that not all pheromones are equal and you need to find out which fragrance works best for you. So be patient in trying out various samples before you settle down to the one which works best for you. And do not apply more perfume lest you fail to attract the females.


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