Some men just get all the ladies without even trying, while others nearly go desperate to find anyone who’s even remotely attracted to them. That’s just how life works, isn’t it? Well, maybe that’s how it looks like… but the latest scientific advancements have definitely proved otherwise. Most importantly, there are now special perfumes created with pheromones for men; despite not being perceptible on a conscious level, pheromones have been proven to play the most fundamental part in sexual attraction between humans.

You may have trouble finding reliable information about pheromones for men, and that’s actually no surprise. Truth of the matter is that in the past few years, pheromone perfumes have become increasingly popular. Many guys won’t admit they use these perfumes, but that’s just because they don’t want to share their secret. Which actually makes a little sense; once you try wearing a perfume with pheromones for men and you see how drastically it improves your love life, will you start telling everyone the secret to your success, or will you just enjoy it and reap the awards?

There’s no point in obsessing with your muscles and diets, and trying to improve your looks just so you’ll be more successful with the ladies. If you want to get a clear advantage over every other guy who’s out looking to score some romance, you just need to learn to take advantage of the amazing power of pheromones for men. You will feel as though you’re suddenly made of the finest and most irresistible chocolate, when all the girls chase after you for no apparent reason. All the other guys will go crazy with how easy you seem to get going in life, and you alone will know the secret.

It’s not just about how good you smell. A perfume with pheromones for men doesn’t necessarily smell any different from a normal perfume. It certainly smells nice, but that’s it. The real magic works on a subliminal level with the power of pheromones working to your advantage. Everywhere you go, you will notice a change in the atmosphere when you’re close to girls, and they will feel like getting closer to you than ever.

When you are trying to choose between all the different pheromones for men, it can be confusing… don’t you think?

First of all you have to wade through all the products that don’t work, and then you have to choose between the few that do. If you want to make a good decision you have to know how to find what works.

Knowing how to pick the right product is the key. You want a product that will attract women, right? The number one thing to consider is where you are buying your pheromones from in the first place. You need a reputable store. The best ones have money back guarantees.

The next thing you need to think about is what you want to accomplish. There are many different ways to attract women… If you want a long term relationship you will want to focus on a different pheromone for men than if you are just looking for instant immediate attraction (I am sure you know what I am getting at). Look at the customer comments about a product to get a good idea of what it does.

The last thing I want to go over with you is what to do with the product once you get it. It is hugely tempting to put on a ton of whatever pheromone you have bought and see what kind of results you get. But I beg you… please don’t do this. IF you have bought a quality pheromone you will only need to use a little tiny bit to start. That being said these products work differently for everybody… so take the time to test it out and increase the amount you use gradually until you get the best results.

It is very important that you buy pheromones from a reputable supplier so that you can be sure of what you are buying.
OK Guys… It’s time for some honesty. Would you like to put some spark back in your relationship with your wife or girlfriend? If things have gotten a little dull in the bedroom, I will show you how to choose pheromones that will turn up the heat.

#1. Beware of the promises… If you are considering purchasing pheromones for men, but are skeptical, I don’t blame you. The promises made on some of these bottles are crazy! The thing you need the most is a pheromone product that will work, not some overhyped insanity. The only way to get pheromones that work is to buy them from a reputable store. Look for an online store that has a money back guarantee and real customer comments. These two things will help you get the good stuff.

#2. Know what you are looking for… Different pheromones for men do different things. Know what kind of results you want and then look at the customer comments to see what a pheromone really does… order accordingly.

#3. Avoid operator error… When you use pheromones correctly it is very likely your lady won’t be is able to take her hands off of you, but if you use too much you may very well turn her off. To get the best results start out with a tiny amount and then increase from there until you are getting the kind of results that you want. And remember everybody’s body chemistry is different, so it may take some experimenting to get it right…. BUT it is SO worth it.

Where to buy pheromones It is very important that you buy pheromones from a reputable supplier so that you can be sure of what you are buying.

The dating scene is becoming more known to be as a competitive place when it comes to forming new relationships. Most women are often approached and expect to be hit on guys every time that they go out. With this in mind, you can understand the frustration levels in men when they are rejected each and every time an opportunity presents itself. It can really make a night go wrong.

When you go out to meet new and exciting people, you want to have an aura of trust around you so that you can put them at ease and comfort. Only when this is done, will you get the results you need when approaching or talking to members of the opposite sex. This is what most people fail to realize.

Pheromones for men and women are secret seducers that catch others by surprise when it is worn on the skin or clothes. Most men and women are even using them along with their own fragrances to increase their appeal and charm towards women, and it’s working.

I have also seen women used pheromone perfume to seduce guys as well. Although, they usually keep this to themselves. The dating and relationship world has become a more complex thing to understand. People attract other people according to the proper chemistry that they have for each other.

This is where the use of the best pheromones come into play. The dating scene is effectively embracing the aspect of the use of human pheromones on the body or pulse points because of its strategic effects to draw member

The Effect of Pheromones

Not only do pheromone increase your confidence levels but they also make women more aware of you so that you can notice an increase in flirtation, conversation, affection and attention from them.
By the way pheromones are not only for men but are also for women.

There is something about the effects of pheromones that have women puzzled by its scent of attraction. Most of the time they can’t directly figure out the scent that men are wearing. The expressions of women when a pheromone cologne is more like a fascination to learn more about a man.

I have noticed a smile in women that places a question mark of attraction on top of their heads. As they are curious to learn more about you and discover the aspects that are you and you alone. This really does intrigue me a lot and I wanted to learn more about it as I went out at night experiencing new and exciting women around me.

Pheromone Contents:

Pheromone contents for men usually include a blend of Androstenol, Androstenone, Androstadienone and Androsterone. The more concentrated these are, the better your chances of women noticing and approaching you in places.

For women, copulins are appealing contents to successfully attract men at any time. They create an invisible aroma that is detected by men to increase a drive about them that is most incredible to comprehend.

There are scented and unscented versions that you can use depending on how you want to use them. The unscented versions are usually used with your own designer fragrance and can be a powerful secret seducer of the senses when you go out on a date or if you have a relationship that you want to spice up.

There are also pheromones available in the form of sensual oils. These are the ones that mostly last longer, although the pheromones sprays are most popular to use because of their easy access and portability to carry anywhere without any mess.


Most of my experiences with using pheromones are usually during the evenings, although I do occasionally wear them during the day. I wanted to share some stories of my past experiences with you. First, let’s start at my usual evening occasions. I like to go out to night clubs and restaurants and experience beautiful women in intriguing conversation, sensuality and delight. I love how they look at you with those deep eyes as they smell my scent of attraction. It’s almost as if they were looking deep within my soul to learn more about me. There is no doubt that chemistry plays a role in two people’s human interaction. Pheromones deliver this type of sensual chemistry quite well, in my experience.

I had a lovely time with this beautiful women that I had met while walking into the club. As I approached her on her side she turned to me and gave me a look and smile that I will never forget. Of course we have never met before. She had beautiful long brown hair and her dress was incredible. She was with a female friend but her attention was at me, while the whole time her curiosity grew and grew. We began a conversation as we walked into the night club together. The whole time we close together as if we wanted to explore the aspects of each other. The whole night went very well. I did have other women approach me as I walked to the bathroom for several times.

During the day in the grocery store, I have noticed women turning my way to catch my scent and start a conversation with me out of the blue. I smile inside knowing that what I am wearing directly enhanced the occasion at hand. As a man, I have appealed to many women just by walking by them. That is how it should be in life. When you walk into a room, you want people to notice and acknowledge your presence, each and every time.

It is always important to know that the stronger the concentration of pheromones that you have, the more results you will get from women. This is because this directly effects their senses in an almost euphoric state. When women are exposed to your pheromones and are influenced by them, you can expect your night out to be as tremendous as it has the potential to be. Some of my best pheromones include, Pherazone, Max Attraction Gold and Chikara cologne.

In Conclusion

The effects of pheromones are by far a most interesting aspect of human interaction that you will ever get to experience. Depending on how you use them and carry yourself when grooming, is what you will get out of them in the end. Not only do they increase your confidence in approaching women, but they can open your mind up to new possibilities that are waiting for you in the dating world.

Over the past few years, I can say that I have been quite happy at the results of human pheromones and how well they worked for me on several exciting occasions. If you are optimistic and willing to experience a world in a different light, then you may be quite intrigued at the results that work well among occasional human interaction. The scent of attraction has never been more appealing and desirable!

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